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Sustainability can be profitable.

Give your business a health check-up.

We are commited to guide European small companies towards growth while generating a positive social-environmental impact.

«What gets measured gets improved. »

Peter Drucker
Do you work in in a small medium company? Invite it to take the exams.
Are you a consumer? Invite a company to become more transparent.

1. Get measured

Calculate your sustainability score.

Our algorithm runs a 360° sustainability check-up of your business in less than 2 hours.

Compare yourself with the competition, calculate your CO2 emissions and much more...

Learn more about our algorithm

2. Improve

Take decisions. Act promptly.

Our algorithm generates a tailormade report with short, middle and long-term actions.

Most improvements can be done by yourselves!

Discover the advantages of sustainability

3. Publish your efforts

Be found and sell more.

Display your company on our "green pages" among the most sustainable SME of Europe.

Other companies or new potential buyers can contact you without intermediaries.

Need a hand?
Q1 2019

Marketplace of consultants

Connect directly with sustainability freelancers in your area, solve problems, grow you company fast.

No budget for big firms? No problem!

Discover all the advantages of sustainability

Increase revenues

Reduce costs

Comply with government laws

Comply with EU 2020 regulations

Hire better people

Connect with better partners

Create social impact

Attract new investors

Access to European funding

Alignment with UN 2030 Agenda

Help the environment

Attract new customers

Sell more

Increase brand reputation

Avoid business risks

Read more on how sustainability can increase your performance

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Others ( ISO, EMAS, ... )

Cost FREE WHILE IN BETA * From 2.000 €
Company size Built for SMEs Medium and corporate
Legislation framework European Generic
Sustainability analysis ** Complete Partial
Speed 2 hours > 1 month
Technology Digital (with algorithm) Physical (with consultant)
Directory Yes No
Multi compliance Yes No
Open-source and transparent platform Yes No
Compliant with EU 2020/2030 Frameworks Yes No

* Our service remains free for users holding a referral code who are creating an account in Private Beta phase. For more information, please refer to our terms of service.

** Sustainability has three main pillars: social, economic and environmental. Ecomate analyzes all these dimensions through 10 different indicators, while common certifications are assessing only one topic.

*** Our assessment is already compliant across many standards like GRI, ISO, SDG, etc...

73% of all european SMEs have already taken the first step to be compliant with the EU 2020/2030 directives.

* Source: European commission - Eurobarometer

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Luca Monti


Az.Agr. La Venturina SRL

Sustainability Score ®47

"The report of Ecomate's algorithm is helping me to save money on taxes by implementing a better waste management system. Thanks for involving me in testing your prototype."

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Enrico Angeli

Chimico Industriale

Pharmabiox SRL

Sustainability Score ®47

"Your startup has highlighted a vulnerability in the way I was managing my employees. Now I am applying better health and safety standards..."

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Registered SMEs


Environmental impact

-179 CO2 tons

* More information

Social impact

35.000 €

* More information