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Sustainability can be profitable.

Give your business a health check-up.

We are committed to guiding European small companies towards growth while generating a positive social-environmental impact.

An example of what a small business can do:

«What gets measured gets improved. »

1. Get measured

Calculate your sustainability score.

Our algorithm Green Ranking ® runs a 360° sustainability check-up of your business in less than 2 hours.

Compare yourself with the competition, calculate your CO2 emissions and much more...

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2. Improve

Take decisions. Act promptly.

Green Ranking ® generates a tailormade report with short, middle and long-term actions.

Most improvements can be done by yourselves!

Discover the many advantages of sustainability

Come on board now and access many advantages

Increase revenues

Reduce costs

Comply with government laws

Comply with EU 2020 regulations

Hire better people

Connect with better partners

Create social impact

Attract new investors

Access to European funding

Alignment with UN 2030 Agenda

Help the environment

Attract new customers

Sell more

Increase brand reputation

Avoid business risks

Learn more on how sustainability can boost your business

73% of all european SMEs have already taken the first steps to be compliant with the EU 2020/2030 directives.

* Source: European commission - Eurobarometer

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3. Be found AVAILABLE FROM HALF 2018

Sell more and show everybody how sustainable your company is

List your company on our "Green Pages" among the most sustainable SMEs in Europe.
Let new clients contact you directly without intermediaries.

Registered SMEs


Environmental impact

- 36 CO2 tons

Social impact

104.000 €