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Who we are

We are a group of entrepreneurs and expert freelancers who believe in a dream called "Sustainability" and in people who want to do business without compromising on quality.

We realized that if given the right digital instruments, companies can achieve profitable results in the short term by adopting sustainability standards.


In a globalized market, not yet out of the economic crisis, sustainability represents an important business opportunity.

We see a world where positive social and enviromental impact is no longer a plus, but it is embedded into any company's culture.

We see a world where companies, their business partners and consumers are united by a common goal to work toward a sustainable future.


We want to make sustainability an undeniable right of everyone.

Ecomate aims at becoming the reference platform for companies who want to take full advantage of the opporunities offered by sustainability.

We adopt a smart and digital approach to continuosly feed innovation in an ever changing and challenging socio-economical context.