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Green Ranking ®

The only algorithm in the world that allows any SME to perform a 360° sustainability evaluation in less than 2 hours. The work of 100 consultants at the price of 1.

Going beyond certifications

Certifications are a static photo of a company, and require a dedicated consultant. Instead, thanks to an all new digital approach, it is possible to always be in line with the regulatory, economic and scientific context in a very short period of time and without the need of any human support.

Our algorithm solves this problem. You may call it artificial intelligence, we simply call it Ecomate.

1. Measure

Our open-source algorithm is a digital assessment that calculates from 0 to 100 how sustainable a European SME (micro, small and medium business) is, by measuring and dynamically combining 10 different dimensions of sustainability:

  • Transparency
  • Waste management
  • Certifications
  • Environment
  • Work ethic
  • Transport
  • Health and safety
  • Carbon offsetting
  • Economics
  • Social responsibility

2. Improve

After a company gets scored, our algorithm automatically generates a fully personalized and smart report on how to improve.

  • Highlights your vulnerabilities
  • Short, middle and long term actions
  • Tips and do it yourself how-tos
  • A reliable source of information
  • Compare against other companies in your industry field

Why trust us?

Ecomate is


Our assessment is based on a dynamic algorithm which provides your company with constantly updated information based on European official sources only (such as EuroSTAT databases and other European data portals).


The indicators used by our Green Ranking algorithm are constantly revised and monitored by our Scientific Committee: an independent group of researchers, experts and consultants coming from different backgrounds. Being part of the Committee means agreeing with the ideas expressed in our manifesto and sharing Ecomate's committment to the European 2020-2030 objectives. Our algorithm is an open-source project that dynamically grows not only in terms of content and precision, but also with a collective know-how as more people join and collaborate every day.

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