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I. Introduction

Anthropogenic climatic change is a consequence of the human activity that is causing negative global repercussions; some of them have already caused substantial damage. Without modification of our consumption and production models, by 2030 we will need the equivalent of two planets like ours to continue to support us.

The awareness of this phenomenon has triggered a debate from international organizations for a market development review process based on the principles of sustainability, highlighting the issues of defining and protecting existing companies.

We believe that there is hope in getting out of this crisis and to lift Europe. Our thought is not a utopia; our company aims to enhance all the micro, small and medium sized businesses that still work with ethics, quality, and passion by providing them with the tools to develop indicators to monitor their quality.

Ecomate is not only a provider of information and a broker for eco-sustainable commerce, but above all it is a concrete change agent who wants to innovate an obsolete consumption model by helping its customers make the right choice for achieving their goals and respect the environment.

Ecomate wants to contribute to the European green economy by supporting solutions that will bring both economic and social benefits, but also those related to the health specter in achieving collective well-being.

These objectives require a thorough knowledge of the new political and economic orientations and the market, and what it offers today; this is the only way to make a strategic choice: the company owner cannot ignore the possibilities offered by the market.

The relationship between the company's environmental performance and its competitive abilities has been experiencing a remarkable maturation in recent decades.

The increased environmental sensitivity of many of the company's economic and financial stakeholder, above all, the emergence of ever-expanding and more convincing consumer sustainability trends have united and overlapped the growing legislative pressure, reinforcing the effects of " empowering "the entrepreneur and giving impulse to the progressive insertion of the "environment "variable into competitive strategies.

The Ecomate slogan is "what gets measured gets improved". Measuring something provides the information you need to make sure you do what you want to do. Each company plans its own successful strategy, as well as developing a number of core principles for its management, analyzes and fixes the goals to achieve. The latter will have to articulate on certain parameters such as specificity, measurement, feasibility, consistency, and definition over time.

We think this is the key to achieving business goals: Measure and Improve.

Our environmental impact assessment supports all companies that want to measure their degree of sustainability by giving them the opportunity to improve the quality of their performance over time and access to a market characterized by a circular system. Choosing a sustainable path is synonymous with profitable business or making decisions with the support of prevention and proper controls, which will lead to the safe realization of good work, not harmful to the environment and profitable.

Our calculation tool provides that acceptable companies with predetermined criteria can be granted an acknowledgment that will give the market the best environmental quality compared to others belonging in the same category.

We have verified that the requirements for an organization's environmental aspects to be monitored are diverse: improving the organization's productivity efficiency, reducing environmental damage and focusing on the customer's attention to the environmental issues.

In addition, further advantages resulting from a good score of our environmental impact assessment are many: the registered organization enjoys a number of benefits that relate to business relationships, access to finance, credibility on international markets, better quality of lifestyle for their employees.

It has emerged that the role of this specialized technique and expertise always is, a privileged role in the realization of procedures aimed at seeking quality in achieving its business objectives.

In fact, the strength of the outcome of our assessment lies in being simultaneously an instrument:

Not to mention management and organizational improvements such as:

European companies can be driven by lasting growth and a tool for safeguarding cultural and environmental resources; their work can play a role in the implementation of compatible development to experiment with new, environmentally friendly economic growth models, where perceived and widespread growth is seen as a tool to ensure sustainability.

Only a widespread and participatory development, along with an appropriate redistributive policy and an educational and communicative function, can help to prevent the community from living in the environment as a constraint.

II. Lifestyle

Ecomate proposes an environmentally friendly lifestyle:

III. For our future

Our vision of the future is very clear. Our contribution is directed towards achieving different types of goals such as:

IV. For the environment

Ecomate guarantees a profitable and sustainable business growth aimed at reducing outsourcing.

V. For health and safety

Ecomate promotes business management attentive to health and safety regulations in the workplace:

VI. For professional ethics