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We are always looking for opportunities to build strategic partnerships with companies and organizations who share our values. If you are interested in doing business with us, please contact us.

TCC - The CSR Company
TCC - The CSR Company (
Distributore ufficiale del nostro basic assessment, Sustainability Rating che viene usato per offrire consulenze mirate alla loro clientela, abbattendo costi e tempi di pre-analisi.
La loro mission è di favorire l’integrazione della sostenibilità nella strategia aziendale migliorando la competitività, le performance e la reputazione dell’azienda sul mercato, nonché lo sviluppo di rapporti solidi e positivi con gli stakeholder, elementi fondamentali per distinguersi in un contesto sempre più competitivo.

Augentes (
ne of Augentes’ main areas of work includes European-project management, the creation of projects based on international funds and investment plans, in particular promoted by the European Union, and operating in numerous strategic areas for entrepreneurial, social, economic, health, environmental and touristic growth and development of the countries of the Union and of other nations, gradually involved in specific collaboration programs (Mediterranean, Caucasus, etc.).

Climate Launchpad
Climate Launchpad by Climate-KIC (

On July 28, 2016 we won the national (Italian) finals for a European prize entirely dedicated to startups devoted to tackling climate change. Ecomate was awarded with the 1st place as the most innovative Italian green startup of 2016. As a result, we got the chance to attend an intensive incubation course on how to develop our business model and we participated to the European finals in Tallin, Estonia representing Italy.

Telecom Italia (
The TIM #Wcap Accelerator is Telecom Italia’s open innovation program which selects, finances and accelerates digital startups. They help turn ideas into market-ready companies, supporting startups directly during the creation and development stages. The TIM #WCAP Accelerator in Milan has decided to host Ecomate in its coworking spaces and is currently supporting us with the testing of our product in the market.

CDO - Compagnia delle Opere
CDO (Compagnia delle Opere) (
Compagnia delle Opere is one of Italy's largest network of Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), with 42 local branches and 18 representatives abroad (Latin America, Africa, Europe). It is an association whose aim is to help businesspeople, non-profit organisations, managers and professionals to develop companies and professional activities for the good of all. We are extremely proud to announce that CDO has agreed to support our launch by offering our services to their small companies located in the local region of Lombardy, (Milan).

Phoresta ONLUS (
Phoresta Onlus is a non-profit organisation that promotes projects of forestation and conservation – both in Europe and Italy – which are identified, planned and carried out in close collaboration with governments, natural parks and local partners. Phoresta and Ecomate have recently annonuced a partnership aimed at offsetting the carbon emissions of European SMEs. Specifically, Phoresta will provide Ecomate with CO2 credits from various forestation projects in Italy.