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Sustainability Rating ®

The only algorithm in the world that allows any SME to perform a complete sustainability evaluation in less than 2 hours. The work of 100 consultants at the price of 1.

Going beyond certifications

Certifications are a static photo of a company, and require a dedicated consultant.
Using a digital approach, it is possible to always be in line with the regulatory, economic and scientific context in a very short period of time without human intervention.

Our algorithm solves this problem.

1. Measure

Our digital assessment calculates from 0 to 100 how sustainable a European SME (micro, small and medium business) is, by measuring and combining dynamically 10 different dimensions of sustainability:

  • Transparency
  • Waste management
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Professional ethics
  • Mobility
  • Health and safety
  • Value chain
  • Economics
  • Social responsibility
  • Once a company gets its score, our open-source algorithm will keep updating its core dynamically, advising a company when something needs to be updated or done (for example if the scientific research or the European directives evolve).

    Moreover, you will be able to compare your performances with other companies in the same industry field and in the same size.

    2. Improve

    After a company gets its score, our algorithm automatically generates a fully personalized and smart report (based on your answers) on how to improve and solve your problems. You will get over 25 pages filled with intelligent and direct actions, divided in 10 sections.

    • Highlights your vulnerabilities
    • Avoid business and legal risks
    • Education on European frameworks and sustainability
    • Short, middle and long term actions
    • Practical actions and implementations

    The sample on the left is just one of over 200 outputs generated from your answers.

    View the output sample

    Ecomate - Dashboard

    3. Monitor

    A complete dashboard with the right tools to keep track of your progress, compare your performance against other businesses and monitor your company's status:

    • Comparison with other companies of the same size
    • Comparison with other companies of the same industry field
    • Comparison with other companies of your country and the EU
    • Analyze your business status, create a work plan and track your changes
    • Watch your energy and water bills with industry benchmarks
    • Keep track of your rating over time

    Get aligned with the standards

    Our assessment will support you through getting aligned with multiple standards at the same time

    We are covering 13 of 17 SDG Sustainable Development Goals, 23 different GRI Global Reporting Initiative Standards and 10 ISOs

    View supported standards