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DISCLAIMER: Ecomate S.R.L. solicited and unsolicited ratings are not a forecasting model and should be only considered as an opinion on how distant an enterprise is from European Union sustainability guidelines and regulations, standards and objectives included in the environmental, social, economical and political EU Agenda 2030.

REGULATORY NOTICE: Ecomate S.R.L. is committed to applying to future ESMA (European Securities and Market Authority) regulations supervising EU ESG rating providers. In the absence of supervisory bodies and legislative standards for ESG solicited ratings, Ecomate S.R.L. is a self-regulating ESG rating agency based on up-to-date, reliable and transparent methodologies where the indications from ESMA's draft are taken into account.

MIFID2/MIFIR NOTICE: Ecomate S.R.L. does not provide any ESG advisory activity and its ESG information does not amount to financial, legal or other professional advice, nor does it constitute: (a) an offer to purchase shares in the enterprises referred to; or (b) a recommendation relating to the sale and purchase of related products/services; or (c) a direct recommendation to take any particular legal, compliance and/or risk management decision.