Our ESG cloud suite is coming soon... After completing the Private Beta rollout, we are now getting things ready for the public launch starting Q2 2022



Don't hesitate to contact us, someone from our team will always be available to receive your request for help. Even though we are a technology company, we want to have a personal relationship with our customers. We operate with the utmost transparency and we invite you to come and visit us in person at our headquarters: we will be happy to offer you a coffee.
Prima di contattarci, vi chiediamo gentilmente di verificare che la risposta al vostro quesito non si trovi nella sezione FAQ
Administration info@ecomate.eu
Sales and partnerships alan@ecomate.eu
Technical support sarti@ecomate.eu
ESG Engineer 1 maveri@ecomate.eu
ESG Engineer 2 palmiotti@ecomate.eu
Other requests and HR emil@ecomate.eu
Corporate governance segreteria@abrpartners.eu
Lawyer cpaschi@deloitte.it

Operational headquarters
c/o Fintech District
Via Filippo Sassetti 32, 20124 - Milano, Italy

Registered office
c/o ABR Partners
Via Durini 27, 20122 - Milano, Italy

Law office
c/o in2law - Deloitte
Piazza Cinque Giornate 10, 20122 - Milano, Italy

Para todas as questoes relacionadas com a Regiao de Portugal, por favor contacte LRB
Email: ambiente@lrb.pt ; geral@lrb.pt | Phone: (+351) 253 297 703
Centro Empresarial de Braga, Lote D2 4700-319 Ferreiros, Braga - Portugal

For all enquiries related to Malta region, please contact Ecostack Innovation

Email: info@ecostackinnovations.com
Ecostack Innovations Limited, Kordin Business Incubation Centre, Kordin Industrial Estate, Paola, PLA 3000, Malta