Our ESG cloud suite is coming soon... After completing the Private Beta rollout, we are now getting things ready for the public launch starting Q1 2022

Impact of our business model

In Europe, 25 million SMEs (micro, small and medium-sized enterprises up to 250 employees and € 50 million in turnover) release each year globally greenhouse gases equivalent to about 2.250 millions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. By putting into practice the recommendations generated by our platform, each customer will be able to reduce their emissions, reducing the environmental impact. The actions taken will also enhance the economic value of the company, thanks to greater efficiency and attractiveness, and at the same time generate a positive social impact.
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Our commitment to sustainability

The Ecomate team has decided to personally commit to reducing emissions, favouring the use of cloud storage systems and spaces, in particular by relying on the Google suite, a company that has achieved the goal of carbon neutrality . Think about the fact that a user emits on average 135 kg CO2 eq. to work emails per year, and that with attachments they can represent up to 90% of the emissions of an email. For this reason, we have reduced email communication to the bare minimum as well as the exchange of attachments, significantly reducing our environmental impact.

We have chosen to locate our offices in a coworking space allowing the optimization of spaces and equipment, in a building that has obtained LEED Platinum certification. Smart Working is always favoured when work activities allow it, and transport movements are carried out by alternative means to the private car.

Do you work in an SME? Are you a consumer? Invite a company to be more transparent and sustainable. If you wish, your invitation will be anonymous.