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ESG SME Rating

The only sustainability algorithm designed starting from European and Italian regulations, in line with the main international standards, tailored for small and medium-sized companies and validated by a decentralized scientific committee. We offer you the work of hundreds of consultants in a single ditial measurement and improvement solution.

How sustainable is your company from 0 to 100?
Discover it in less than 2 hours, measure your company for free!

Some competitive advantages of sustainability

Enter new supply chains
Improve in tenders
Reduce costs
Avoid sanctions
Increase revenue
Reduce CO2 emissions
Work with better partners
Generate positive social impact
Attract new investors
Accedi a migliori finanziamenti
Reduce reputatinal risks
Happier employees
Increase your sales
Improve the reputation of your brand
Meet EU 2030 regulations ahead of time
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1. Measure

Thanks to a totally guided path, you can calculate the environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance of your business through 11 impact modules and over 70 sustainability issues.
The algorithm supports all existing industrial branches and instantly detects the critical issues of your company.
Thanks to open standard , our dynamic rating is always up to date.
ESG SME Rating Ecomate - Improve

2. Improve

Check your alignment with over 250 regulations, certifications and standards, becoming aware of your level of risk through our performance indicators. Compare your results with your competitors using benchmarks of reference for your industrial branch and company size. Take decisions and act promptly thanks to our feedbacks: the algorithm generates a personalised report with suggestions and practical actions to be put in place to get immediate benefits.
Our algorithm accompanies SMEs along a process of economic and competitive growth, by reducing at the same time environmental impacts and generating a positive social impact.

Assessment process

The strength of 1.000 consultants in one digital audit tool

1. INPUT collection

By entering your VAT number, we connect to official databases and immediately identify the company. We arrange, therefore, the calculation matrices and the digital audit appropriate to the industrial field of reference. . In real time, thanks to the reprocessing and cross-referencing of the company's master data through our algorithms, we are already able to return some ESG risk indicators.

A simple, intuitive and guided digital audit

the system assesses the company by dynamically combining

  • 11 different (ESG) sustainability modules
  • Europa 2030/2050 Framework compliant
  • EU Taxonomy ready
  • 11 single-scoring modules
  • 70+ thematic areas of sustainability
  • 300+ standards and certifications
  • 180+ educational insights
For more information on the methodological approach, visit the page ESG open-standard
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Waste
  • Mobility
  • Professional ethics
  • Social responsability
  • Health and safety
  • Transparency
  • Economy
  • Innovation
  • Products

2. OUTPUT release

Through a complete control panel , the company has effective and simple tools keeping track of its progress, comparing its performance with other companies and monitoring the health of its business.

Overall indexes:
  • rating on a scale from 0 to 100
  • rating divided into 3 pillars E.S.G.
  • rating on each single module (11 modules)
  • comparison with other companies (sector and class)

Compliance indexes:
  • Analysis of the frameworks in detail
  • Levels of compatibility with certifications

Cross-category KPIs with benchmarks:
  • Stakeholders engagement
  • Digital transformation
  • Waste emission
  • Resilience
  • Circular economy
  • CO2 emissions
  • Electricity consumption

Report e mini-DNF

Each time an impact module is completed, the algorithm instantly generates a customised report for the resolution of the identified criticalities and implementable improvements on 3 risk levels.

It is listed the compliances associated with each question and topic addressed.

The report of each module also includes benchmarks that help to understand how the company is positioned in relation to the European and Italian average, competitors, the reference market and its size.

The company will recevie over 150 different solutions releted to:
  • Business vulnerability
  • Protection from the risk of sanctions
  • Educazione on the EU Framework
  • Education on the sustainable development of the company
  • Information on Italian and European regulations
  • Potential cost saving
  • Impact on the environment
  • Impact on the society
With more than 20 pages of categorised reports , the company will be able to use the information contained in the report to quantify impacts and make statements on its sustainable development intentions, drawing up a mini sustainability report (DNF).
How does scientific evaluation work? Discover the open-standard ESG

EU Taxonomy compliance

Fin dalla fase iniziale del progetto il nostro modello di rating è stato costruito con i framework EU come pilastro fondamentale: possiamo quindi seguire rigorosamente le linee guida di implementazione della Tassonomia così come scritte nella documentazione ufficiale fornita dalla commissione Europea.

La nostra piattaforma può già prendere in considerazione questi criteri durante il clustering dell’utente finale:

  • regole settoriali (politiche di inclusione/ esclusione secondo la Tassonomia/ NACE)
  • logica di punteggio inversa per la valutazione (penalizzare se si danneggia)
  • 1 indicatore che mostra se vige l’eligibility (SI o NO ; according to policy)
  • 1 indicatore che mostra l’allineamento alla Tassonomia secondo i criteri settoriali
  • 1 indicatore che mostra l’allineamento alla Tassonomia per l'obietttivo “mitigation to climate chanage” con riferimento in %
  • 1 indicatore che mostra l’allineamento alla Tassonomia per l'obietttivo ““adaptation” to climate chanage” con riferimento in %
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Product license comparison

This table is showing the product features in relation to the type active subscription

Freemium Premium
Price FREE forever 349,00€/year
Public URL Mandatory Can be switched on/off
Data sharing Mandatory Can be switched on/off
Sustainability assessment 10 modules All modules
Improvement report 1 download Unlimited downloads
KPI in dashboard Overview only (up to 50 KPI) All details (up to 300 KPI)
Phone support No Yes

How we differ from other solutions

Subscription flexibility in the world's first algorithm designed for small and medium-sized enterprises

Ecomate Other Solutions
Annual cost Freemium (349,00€+VAT/year)
Company size Tailor-made for SMEs Medium/Large/Multinationals
Reference standard United Kingdom / Europe Generic/International
Assessment's depth 800 KPI 100 KPI
Rating ESG Yes No
Language English English
Real-time improvement report Yes No
Educational content for SMEs Yes No
Multiple compliance Yes, with open-standard Yes
Technology Al, crowd, open-data Consulting approach
EU Taxonomy compliant Yes No
Fraud detection Yes No

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