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Risco ESG

Calcule o risco ESG à velocidade da luz inserindo apenas o NIF de uma empresa.
Graças à elaboração combinada das nossas bases de dados com as estatísticas provenientes das bases de dados Europeias oficiais, o algoritmo fornece indicadores de risco úteis para a análise em massa dos seus parceiros.

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Come funziona

Il tipo di analisi che il sistema effettua è relativa al cluster: l’incrocio tra il codice del settore industriale ATECO (NACE), il numero di impiegati, il fatturato ed il territorio (nazione e regione) in cui l'azienda è ubicata). Il cluster di riferimento viene automaticamente rilevato dopo l'interrogazione del registro imprese che avviene all'inserimento della Partita IVA nel calcolatore di rischio. Il cluster è importante perchè rappresenta un benchmark per comparare l'impresa allo scenario competitivo specifico e talvolta orizzontale.


  • Each source is linked to a macro-area
  • Each indicator is weighted according to its specific contribution to the macroarea (expert panel, research papers).
  • The weight of each macro-area is always 1 (according to international standards and scientific approaches weighting should be avoided when possible).
  • Numerical data are transformed into qualitative indicators and vice-versa (QCA).
  • Data ranges at the EU level and quartiles are considered for benchmarking purposes.

Data reliability index

This table indicates the reliability of the data with an index from 1 to 5 stars according to the type of data, data source and data quality.

Industry (NACE) GEO coverage Data transparency Source authority Last update
(level 4)
City or province nearby The methodology is fully and thoroughly described and all documents come with accurate biography. Official sources, EU bodies or National bodies, institutions, Not older than 2 years
(level 3)
Region or area There is a partial written methodology (publicly accessible) Non-official sources but universally known and/or scientific papers peer-reviewed From 2 to 5 years
(level 2)
Country There is a partial written methodology (publicly accessible) Non-official sources but universally known and/or scientific papers peer-reviewed From 5 to 10 years
(level 1)
Continent or Global The methodology is not publicly accessible but can be requested (or the source has a high level of authority). Academic white-papers More than 10 years

Batch import, analysis and monitoring

If you have a large portfolio made of thousands of companies you will be able to import all VATs at once and have an overview / monitoring solution right on your screen!

Batch import


Analysis and monitoring


Questo prodotto è disponibile anche in versione API per progetti personalizzabili di system integration Contattaci