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Risco ESG

Calcule o risco ESG à velocidade da luz inserindo apenas o NIF de uma empresa. Graças à elaboração combinada das nossas bases de dados com as estatísticas provenientes das bases de dados Europeias oficiais, o algoritmo fornece indicadores de risco úteis para a análise em massa dos seus parceiros.

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ESG Risk score Ecomate

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Introduza apenas o número de NIF e a nossa IA encarregar-se-á do resto

ESG Risk Ecomate Step 2
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Características únicas

Do not underestimate the importance of knowing the ESG performance of the companies you do business with.

L'output include sia valutazioni in merito al cluster relativo all'impresa (settore, territorio, fatturato e dipendenti) sia indicazioni specifiche relative all'impresa in oggetto.

The algorithm is adjusting the data quality dynamically: whenever the proxy data is not available for the highest level of detail, it automatically scales to the upper segment of data, providing the end user with a result.

Extreme level of detail with more than 80 KPIs divided into the 3 impact categories E, S and G accompanied by quality ranking for each indicator and related information and regulatory detail.

eu-flagDesigned exclusively for the European context, the scoring model is calibrated for alignment with current regulations and the EU goals of the 2030-2050 Agenda.

It already includes the dataset with the 9 KPIs for physical risks and transition risks, ready for various applications in sustainable finance.

Obtainable via API to satisfy any request for outward integration.

Algoritmo di data quality...

Vendita di data-packs

Processi batch...

Details for each category

Per ogni area di impatto (e, s, o g) saranno presenti numerosi indicatori.

ESG Risk Ecomate category details modal

Difference between risk score and rating


Risco ambiental

This table indicates the data reliability and quality index score according to the type of source measured across different sub-indexes.

Technical specifications

This product is sold by volume to meet massive analytics use casesPricing

Risk score scale Upwards limit Downwards limit
LOW 17 32
MEDIUM 50 65
HIGH 84 94
VERY HIGH 95 100
Product features
Technology AI
Potential coverage EU27 (18m companies)
Actual coverage Italy (2m companies)
Materiality KPIs 50
Coefficient model Dynamically adjusted
EU NACE detail 4 digits level
EU Class detail 6 levels (S-M-S-M-C-G)
EU Territory detail 4 levels (to municipality)

Technical scientific committee


How does it work?

The risk score is always related to the company's reference cluster: the intersection between the industry code (NACE code), the number of employees, annual revenues and the territory. This is also why as a starting point we are asking for a unique identification number (VAT) where the input information is verified and certified so we can be sure that we have correctly identified the company's cluster and benchmark.

ESG Risk Ecomate scoring model

Documentation and methodology

With transparency and constant updating, we publish the methodological notes for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Unsolicited ESG Risk Score - Methodology
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