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What is sustainability?

Sustainable development is a business framework in which the growth key is the intersection between 3 dimensions (economic, social and environmental) aiming to create a broader and greater business value.

An example of sustainability: smart working

Smart-working can be implemented in all companies in no time with no budget; the result is a positive impact on each of the 3 pillars of sustainability.

A win-win-win strategy

Why economic impact?

Every time an employee will work from home, the company will not sustain some costs, for example:

  • No meal allowance
  • No costs of transportation (for instance, company car)
  • No costs generated by the presence in the office (for instance, energy consumption)

Why environmental impact?

Every time an employee will work from home, he will not use his car:

  • No CO2 emissions

Why social impact?

Every time that an employee will stay at home, he will have more time for:

  • Being with the loved ones
  • More time for himself