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Participants in the growth of the ESG open-standard provide skills and experience in order to maintain, update and spread the most decentralized, transparent, free and objective ESG assessment method possible.

Join the scientific committee

The main advantages

  • contribute to the open standard and the cause of maintaining the decentralized, transparent and neutral assessment method of the non-financial performance (ESG) of micro, small and medium-sized companies;
  • gain visibility from the display of your brand or your profile;
  • find new SMEs, corporate and institutional customers by drawing on companies already registered on Ecomate;
  • join new projects (even in open-innovation) together with consulting companies, experts and business partners
  • distribute licences of our software and other ESG products.


  1. Specific skill in one of the impact areas - E, S, G.
  2. Provide a contribution in the update of the ESG open-standard of at least 20 hours per year.
  3. The consultancy provided to Ecomate customers must comply with a price list that is in line with our principles of support and growth of SMEs in the country.
Don't miss the opportunity to generate new business and contribute to an ESG open-standard