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Those who participate in the growth of the ESG open-standard, contribute with their skills, experience, and passion to maintain, update, and disseminate the ESG culture in a decentralized, transparent, free, and objective manner.
For Ecomate, every new partner of the Technical-Scientific Committee is an added value that enriches all the other partners and all the companies aiming to embrace sustainability.

To date, over 50 consulting firms, associations, non-profit organizations, and dozens of individual experts have contributed not only to the improvement and updating of the underlying principles of the products offered by Ecomate but also to strengthening the collaboration between businesses and professionals related to non-financial topics, encouraging dialogue, information exchange, and promoting a culture of sustainability.

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The virtuosity of our ESG open-standard is based on voluntary technical and scientific contributions. Membership in the committee is fulfilled in ways most suitable to individual members. The working groups, updates, and brainstorming sessions organized are not mandatory. There is no requirement for compulsory attendance: all members of our Technical-Scientific Committee of Ecomate commit to keeping the ecosystem alive and participating in it.

What advantages does our Scientific Technical Committee offer?

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