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ESG Rating

A self-assessment tool designed for companies with more than 250 employees and/or €50 million in annual turnover who want to comply with Directive 2014/95/EU for Non-Financial Disclosure (DNF). It is a standardized 360-degree ESG assessment, tailored for mid-corporate entities, which facilitates the collection of valuable KPIs to support potential sustainability reporting and capital-raising efforts.

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ESG Rating Ecomate

Competitive advantages

  • Support for regulatory compliance (2014/95/EU) for your Non-Financial Disclosure (DNF)
  • Strategic value in the medium-long term and anticipation of EU 2030 regulations
  • Fulfillment of stakeholder requests
  • Marketing and communication leverage and reduction of reputational risk
  • Search for new capital (IPO and pre-IPO)
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions and environmental impact
  • Positive social impact and improvement of corporate welfare
  • Control of own governance and social responsibility

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ESG Rating is a product twinned with ESG SME Rating Learn about the evaluation process

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