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ESG Monitor

Analyse your register (suppliers, customers or associates), track and solve compliance, reputational and strategic problems in one click. You can monitor, in real time, the environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance of your portfolio, by setting new benchmarks and inclusion/exclusion standards.

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Analyse your portfolio

The benefits of monitoring your portfolio

  • Regulatory compliance (2014/95 / EU) for your CSR (sustainability report)
  • Meet the requirments of stakeholders (e.g. governance, consumers etc.)
  • Marketing and communication leverage
  • Reduction of reputational risk (and negative impact on the whole supply chain)
  • Capital search (IPO and PRE-IPO)
  • Increase in revenue (Etica-SGR market research)
  • Maintainance of competitive advantage (strategic value)
  • Green-procurement: finding new suppliers by drawing on Ecomate users
  • Helping your SMEs improve and find new customers to do business with

How it works

Track thousands of companies in your supply chain in few minutes

1. Import of the supply chain and data collection

Register, activate your free trial and start importing all the VAT Numbers to be monitored. If already present in our system, you will directly view their ESG performance, otherwise you can invite them to fill in the evaluation questionnaire.

2. Analyse, monitor, take action and improve

The control panel allows you to manage the supply chain by using different display filters, giving you the possibility you to monitor in real time both the global ESG performance and the details for each single company. According to the results obtained, you can take decisions to improve the performance of your supply chain.

  • National and international map of critical issues
  • Management of supply chain groups and subcontractors
  • Reporting of users at risk of fraud
  • Compliance monitor
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The flexibility of the subscription

Scalable and affordable prices for any size of supply chain
Number of SMEs Cost per SME
100 50,00 £
100-300 45,00 £
300-500 40,00 £
500-1000 35,00 £
> 1,000 Contact us
  • Price per year per supplier (including the annual prepaid licence in the event that the supplier is not already present on the portal)
  • It includes first-level technical assistance (a maximum of 4 hours per week)
  • It includes 1 personalised landing page with your brand for the invitations directed to your suppliers
Need further personalisation? Contact us