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ESG ReportingBeta

The most cost-effective and flexible choice for generating your sustainability balance sheet (non-financial statement) accessible to everyone.
Import data from our other assessment tools and report according to your preferred standard, customizing the document.

Comply with the EU CSRD directive for only 949,00€/year

ESG Reporting Ecomate

Advantages of our reporting solution

Sustainability reporting has never been so easy, customisable and fast!

Multi standard: supports over 10 different reporting frameworks.

Part of the data input is automatized.

Includes a useful stakeholder engagement mapping tool.

eu-flagWe exclusively utilize recognized standards in Europe and provide a preview of the new ESRS (EFRAG).

Includes a useful materiality mapping tool with automatic chart generation.

Create your ESG report in PDF or other formats. Save it, archive it, and share it with the world!

The ESG reporting of any company is just a few clicks away!

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Unique cross-standard matching and reporting

Our product allows you not only to choose the most suitable reporting standard for your purposes, but also to automatically understand alignment with all other supported reporting standards.

  • GRI - Global Reporting Initiative
  • ESRS - European Sustainable Reporting Standards
  • SASB - Sustainability Accounting Standards Board
  • SDG - Sustainable Development Goals
  • WEF - World Economic Forum - 4P
  • OECD - Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development
  • TCFD - Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures
  • CDSB - Climate Disclosure Standards Board
  • CDP - Carbon Disclosure Project

Materiality mapping

Materiality analysis involves identifying and assessing the economic, social, and environmental impacts relevant to the company's operations and stakeholders.
Through this analysis, the company evaluates the significance of sustainability-related issues, identifying areas where it can have a substantial impact and that are also relevant to meeting stakeholder expectations. The compilation of the company's material sustainability topics is, therefore, a crucial moment for accurate non-financial disclosure.
Our tool assists you step-by-step in defining and reporting your company's material topics. We guide you through the reporting of materiality in an easy, fast, and intuitive way: assign scores to each theme, save, and automatically generate your personalized chart. Our algorithms capture the various facets that make your reality unique, offering the possibility to create over 10,000 different materiality combinations.

ESG Reporting materiality - Ecomate ESG Reporting materiality graph - Ecomate

Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement is the active involvement of key stakeholders of a company on material issues, which refer to environmental, social, and governance aspects.
Engaging stakeholders is the primary means of monitoring the quality of a company's relationships and is fundamental in defining organizational strategies and policies. This process helps the organization identify and manage its negative and positive impacts.
Not all stakeholders influence or are influenced by the organization's activities: it is necessary for the company to identify actors whose interests must be taken into account for each activity.
Our tool supports the company in identifying and reporting on key stakeholders and the activities carried out to engage them. Through a guided process, you can choose from over 2,000 categories of involved actors, engagement actions, and suggestions for reporting your Stakeholder Engagement. If the actions taken do not fit among the proposed alternatives, you can customize the tool by adding more details about the engagement strategy for each stakeholder.

ESG Reporting stakeholder engagement - Ecomate
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