Our ESG cloud suite is coming soon... After completing the Private Beta rollout, we are now getting things ready for the public launch starting Q3 2022


Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of our market and represent the tradition of Europe, as well as its future. Every day, every European citizen interacts with SMEs; we are all responsible for how we will shape not only their future but also our own.

Anthropogenic climate changes have negative repercussions on both local and global scales; some of these have already caused substantial and irreversible damage.

Modern society is facing problems of various nature, and many of them are still awaiting a solution. It is no longer a collective feeling but a fact: the world is changing.

At the same time, not having fully harnessed the potential of new economic models, we find ourselves in a standstill that prevents the definitive overcoming of the financial crisis.

Ecomate aims to contribute to the development programs of the European Union by promoting sustainable solutions that will bring environmental, social, and economic benefits.

Ecomate's Manifesto

For economic development

For the environment

For the society