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Who we are

An idea that began by talking about green economy with the owner of a business, when still few spoke of "sustainability" ...

We want to make sustainability accessible to all companies, becoming the European reference platform for assessment, improving and the generation of a positive impact on the economy, the planet and society.

Through an open-standard , the creation of a platform designed from below, with an easy language at an affordable cost, favouring and accelerating the process of implementing sustainability within any company.

Read our Manifesto

Development team

Our greatest value, human capital

Alan Gallicchio

Marianna Manfrino

Marco Sarti

Camilla Tomasetta

Emil Von Abranyi

Silvia Paganoni

Mariadonata Palmiotti

Do you have sustainability in your DNA?
If you live in Milan, join our team and work with us

Partners and advisors

The contribution that completes us, always opening up new horizons
Argento Bollini Ravera & Partners
Chartered Accountants and Auditors, the firm supports Ecomate for everything concerning the administrative aspects of our company.
In2Law - Legal innovation
The company supports Ecomate for everything concerning the legal aspects of civil law, privacy and intellectual property.

Lavorano da sempre nel mondo dei finanziamenti europei: open development non è uno slogan ma un modo di agire nella competizione globale.
Fintech District
Fintech District is an open ecosystem that seeds, fosters and drives innovation within the Italian fintech community, serving as its flagship brand in Italy and abroad.
Vincenzo D'Abramo
Francesco Arciuli
Maurizio Mesenzani
Adelio Bollini
Altin Kadareja
Eugenio Ghiglia
Luisa Nenci
Gianluca Telera
Marco Miccichè
Simone De Battisti
Marijana Lazic
Stefano Pinto
Davide Guarnieri
Francesco Rapetti Mogol
Gino Tocchetti
Do you want to become a partner or join our project as an advisor?
Your experience could make the difference. Contact us.


All those who are contributing and have contributed to the project, and who support our vision.

Augentes Euro-design, growth and entrepreneurial, social, economic, health, environmental and tourism development of the countries of the Union.
Telecom Italia The TIM Accelerator #Wcap in Milan has decided to host Ecomate in its coworking space and support us with the testing of our product on the market.
Accademia Di Comunicazione During the months of April and May 2016, our project was the research object for 28 students enrolled in the Master in Marketing.
AISTP The Italian Association for the Development and Transfer of Professionalism is inspired by the principles of human solidarity and civil coexistence.