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Our solutions for corporate clients

For medium to large clients, Ecomate proposes solutions that meet regulatory and strategic needs and adapt to the client's industrial sector.
First clients:

1. Supply chain (ESG) sustainabiility SaaS

For medium to large companies with several suppliers in their value chain we offer a fully customizable tool that resolves important issues like reputation, compliance, business strategy and any other request from your stakeholders. The client can monitor, in real time, the business risk through indicators of economic/environmental/social performance, ultimately setting new benchmarks and/or standards on its supply chain.
Our dashboard is available in SaaS (Software As A Service) with some white-label options. Product details and pricing

2. For vertical markets

For medium to large companies, we offer an entirely customizable solution in line with their unique needs. We work together with our clients to define the basic specifications that respond the most efficiently and dynamically to their business objectives. Our approach focuses on providing added value in terms of expertise and best practices thanks to collaborations with various industry partners.

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3. For your SME business accounts

For those companies and/or sectors that need to assess the most deserving clients (for example, an insurance system that offers discounts on insurance or a bank that offers financial incentives) our rating can be used as an incentivizing and rewarding system in order to create a virtuous circle.

Consultancy or audit companies that perform evaluations and certifications

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