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Calculate ESG risk at the speed of light by just entering the VAT number of a company. Thanks to the combined processing of our databases with statistics from official European databases, the algorithm provides risk indicators, being helpful for massive assessments on customer registers.

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ESG Risk score Ecomate

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Unique features

Do not underestimate the importance of speed in understanding the ESG performance of the companies you do business with

The output includes evaluations concerning both the cluster related to the company (sector, territory, revenue, and employees) and specific indications regarding the company in question.

The algorithm dynamically adjusts through the data quality matrix and the best representation of the cluster.

Extreme level of detail with over 80 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) divided into the 3 categories of E, S, and G impact, accompanied by a quality classification for each indicator and its related informative and regulatory details.

eu-flagDesigned exclusively for the European context, the scoring model is calibrated to align with current regulations and the EU objectives of the Agenda 2030-2050.

It already includes the dataset with the 10 KPIs for physical risk and transition risk, ready for various applications in the field of sustainable finance.

It can be seamlessly integrated via API to meet any connection request and customization on other systems.

Our data quality algorithm categorizes each used source in just a few seconds, consistently providing an assessment of the information's quality. Furthermore, the data always undergoes a cleaning process.

We meet your needs in the way that suits you best: we offer a simple and intuitive interface for all estimated indicators, or the option to purchase specific customized datapacks.

Also available in BATCH mode for large-scale projects. You can obtain instant risk scores for even thousands of companies and VAT numbers.

Details for each category

The risk score is based on three different levels of detail. The model provides an overall ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) score, a score for each impact macro-area (E, S, or G), and a score for each estimated indicator within the macro-area. For each level of detail, it is possible to view the qualitative risk score, the related quantitative risk level and the estimated data quality associated with it.

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What is the difference between Rating and Risk Score?

The Ecomate Rating and Ecomate Risk Score are two different methods for assessing the ESG performance of companies, each with its own advantages and characteristics. The Ecomate Rating is carried out upon the request of the evaluated company and is processed in approximately 2 hours. It is entirely based on what is declared in the self-assessment, making it extremely precise. On the other hand, the Ecomate Risk Score does not rely on the company's willingness to be evaluated. It is calculated immediately and is based on KPIs and estimated indicators, partly sourced from open data and partly from licensed information.

Data quality

All the data underlying the Ecomate Risk Score, both from open sources and licensed information, undergo data cleaning processes. Additionally, for all indicators based on open data, disclosure about the quality of the raw initial data is always provided. Our algorithm, with complete transparency, evaluates the reliability, transparency, years of refresh, and many other well-defined parameters for each available data point to deliver a detailed and comprehensive overview of the consulted indicator.

Technical specifications

This product is sold in volume to meet the needs of massive usage scenariosPricing

Risk score scale Upwards limit Downwards limit
LOW 17 32
MEDIUM 50 65
HIGH 84 94
VERY HIGH 95 100
Product features
Technology AI
Potential coverage EU 27 (18M Companies)
Current coverage Italy (2M companies)
Refresh rate Quarterly (3 months)
Materiality KPIs 50
Coefficient model Dynamic adjustments
EU NACE details 4 levels
Business class detail 6 levels
Territory detail 4 levels (up to province)

Our algorithm is scraping information around the web from over 1000 different sources and open-data; here are some of the most notable ones:

European Bank For Restructuring and Development

Progetti a volume

Arricchimento anagrafiche

Arricchimento anagrafiche

Inviaci un file contenente solamente l'elenco delle Partite IVA di cui ti interessa conoscere il punteggio di rischio esg e ti rispondiamo con un file massivo el formato da te preferito (XLS, CSV, etc) contenente tutti i risultati. Utile per progetti di arricchimento CRM e molto altro.

Cloud monitoring2024

Importa i tuoi risultati nel nostro prodotto ESG Monitor in modo da potere utilizzare un unico convogliatore e poter elaborare nella massima efficacia tutti i dati aggregati.

Technical scientific committee

The strength of more than 1000 professionals enclosed in synthetic indicators. Learn more on the dedicated page

How does it work?

The risk score is always related to the company's reference cluster: the intersection between the industry code (NACE code), the number of employees, annual turnover, and the territory. For this reason, we ask for the VAT number as the starting input; this way, the information provided regarding the cluster of belonging is always verified and certified, ensuring the correct identification of the company.

ESG Risk Ecomate scoring model

Partnership with the best European independent data provider

Creditsafe Italia contributes to the continuous improvement of the product with business identity benchmarks, regularly updated data from official registers, and ensures the quality and comparability of information across all EU countries.

If you are already a Creditsafe customer with an active contract, you can purchase this product through their official portal as well. Purchase on Creditsafe


Documentation and methodology

With transparency and continuous updates, we publish the methodological notes for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Unsolicited ESG Risk Score - Methodology
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