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ESG Vertical

Utilize our world-first and exclusive platform to create a personalized rating tailored to your specific needs.
We offer you complete freedom to customize and direct your analyses and in-depth evaluations.

The first RaaS (Rating as a service) in the world. Create your own rating.

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ESG Vertical Ecomate

Some advantages of the Vertical

The world's first and only RaaS (Rating as a Service), Vertical combines the power of our calculation engine with your customizations.

Fast, intuitive, and user-friendly User Interaction and User Experience (UI/UX) for everyone! Quickly manage your CMS and facilitate companies' responses to your inquiries.

The flexibility and customization of a white-label evaluation and data collection system, while maintaining the time and cost advantages of an off-the-shelf solution.

Upon request, your Vertical ratings can also be displayed to other Ecomate users: tap into our database and generate new leads!

How it works

The power of our algorithms combined with your know-how: your tailor-made analysis in just a few clicks

1. Set up your project

Define the initial settings of your project, easily and immediately.
You can select, right from the start, access parameters for your questionnaire/rating by freely defining and combining inclusion and exclusion rules based on company size (employees and revenue) or even the industry sector (NACE). We take care of automatically applying the rules for you!

In the example on the right, a rating has been created accessible to only micro-companies (up to 10 employees and €2 million in revenues), operating in the wood industry, specifically engaged in cutting and planing.

ESG Vertical - step 1

2. Set up the content

  • Define the modules (number, topics, weight...)
  • Create the questions (relevance, type...)
  • Establish the answers (score, risk...)
  • Set the impact outputs
Customize with advanced options:
  • Dynamic weight rules
  • Creation of KPIs
  • Anti-fraud algorithm
  • Branching of the questionnaire
  • Pre-scoring
and much more...

ESG Vertical - questions

ESG Vertical - answers

ESG Vertical - answers

Tell us about your project, don't hesitate to contact us. We are ready to listen to you. Contact us

3. Invite target companies and collect data

  • Your users can register in less than 1 minute using only their VAT number.
  • By entering the affiliate code, users will land on your personalized landing page specifically tailored for them.
  • After a one-click login, your customer can already respond to your questionnaire
  • Direct your customized surveys in the best way and facilitate companies in completing them!

Your users are not obligated to use other Ecomate products or subscribe.

Through the tool ESG Monitor you will be able to view and analyze the data from your assessments

Tell us about your project, don't hesitate to contact us. We are ready to listen to you. Contact us

A powerful Compliance engine and DB is included

Customize your analyses with reliable and accurate KPIs and indicators. With the Vertical, you have the ability to extract and model information precisely from both internal and external sources. You can draw from our databases or define your own parameters!

ESG Vertical - compliance db 1

ESG Vertical - compliance db 2

A powerful engine for dynamic construction of KPIs and ESG indicators is included

Build KPIs based on the questions and answers you create. Our engines allow you to perform aggregate analyses and dynamically create customized KPIs.

ESG Vertical - KPI Engine

A powerful fraud detection engine is included

Utilize our algorithm to intercept fraud risk (FRD) and estimate the level of accuracy of the companies responding to your questionnaire. Set up multi-level systems of checks and verifications.

ESG Vertical - fraud detection engine 1

ESG Vertical - fraud detection engine 2

Tell us about your project, don't hesitate to contact us. We are ready to listen to you. Contact us