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ESG Verticals

Create a personalised rating based on your needs by using our platform.
This system allows you to be free in directing your in-depth analysis on a specific topic or on an industrial area.

The first RaaS RaaS (Rating as a service) in the world, create your own rating.
This product is not yet available to the public. Try it in preview. Request Beta

How it works

The power of our algorithms combined with your know-how, with the possibility of involving also Ecomate users

1. Set up the initial settings

Select the business segment on which you would like to issue the rating, freely matching the class of the company (size and revenue) with the industrial branch (SIC code).

In the example on the right, a rating accessible only to medium-sized companies has been created (from 50 to 250 employees and from 10m € to 50m € of turnover) and to all industrial branches, except tobacco manufacturers and automotive sellers.

2. Set up the content

  • Create modules (issues, weighting...)
  • Create questions (weighting, type...)
  • Create answers (score, risk...)
  • Create impact output

Other options as:

  • Compliance tracking
  • Creation of KPI
  • Use of anti-fraud system
  • Branching of the questionnaire
  • Pre-scoring

and much more...

3. Invite targets and collect data

  • Your users registered in less than 1 minute through our portal and with just the VAT number. The data will be automatically downloaded by the Chamber of Commerce.
  • As soon as users enter your unique code of affiliation, they will land on your landing page that you can personalise in total freedom by inserting text or content as you like.
  • After login and just 1 click on the ESG Vertical product, your customer will find himself in a display with all the ratings.
  • You can also decide whether to make the rating visible to all companies registered with Ecomate or only to users in your portfolio, or those who have your affiliation code.

Your users are not obliged to fill in the other ratings or to use the other Ecomate ESG products within the platform or to subscribe to it.

4. Monitoring of your customers

Through the ESG Monitor we will provide you with a tracking, monitoring and analysis application of all users.

You can view all the details of each single user.

Why to use our platform?


Possibility of making vertical ratings public or private

Public rating Private rating
CMS Rating 3000,00 £/year 5000,00 £/year
Ratings included 1 2
Additional ratings 1000,00 £/year 3000,00 £/year
Compliance included 50 100
KPI 5 10
Fraud-detection 3 levels 4 levels
Monitoring included On a project On a project
Additional monitoring On a project On a project
User pricing option Yes, limited by policy Yes, unlimited
Percentage on transaction 15% 5%
Tell us about your project, don't hesitate to contact us. We are ready to listen to you. Contact us