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We are exclusively devoted to support European SME (micro, small and medium enterprises) as they represent our core market and core values.

Ecomate wants to contribute to the European Union by supporting solutions that will bring economic, environmental and social benefits.

I. Introduction

Anthropogenic climatic change is a consequence of the human activity that is causing negative global repercussions; some of them have already caused substantial damage. Without modification of our consumption and production models, by 2030 we will need the equivalent of two planets like ours to continue to support us.

At the same time, having failed to transition to new economic models, led us to a situation where we are still not out of the financial crisis.

Modern society is facing several issues and most of them are still awaiting to be solved. We are on the verge of an important transition towards a paradigm change.

II. For the economy

  • Environmental, social and economic development, are key parameters when making business choices. This guarantees a quality lifestyle.

  • The recent economic crisis represents an opportunity to make a convenient transition towards a circular economy.

  • Full digitalization by encouraging the use of online technologies and innovative tools for optimizing timelines, simplifying bureaucracy, processes and industrialization.

  • By purchasing and promoting "made in Europe" products, we provide transparency across the entire industrial chain and promote the knowledge of European heritage. By safeguarding and promoting the sustainability of European SMEs, we guarantee an innovation-oriented future.

  • In European history, we have more than two thousand years of knowledge and productive traditions: together, we can return to be the driving force for other continents.

  • Professional ethic is characterized by the principle of transparency that is the key to gain trust and credibility of workers, customers, partners, shareholders and stakeholders.

  • All companies have to achieve maximum transparency in their internal policies, practices, processes, business model, in taxation, in employee treatment, and in setting up environmental regulations.

II. For the environment

  • Eco-sustainable development, environmental protection, and green innovation are key parameters when making procurement choices.

  • Environmental education is crucial. Everyone must be accountable for safeguarding the natural environment of Europe, as its extraordinary beauty should not be exploited but preserved.

  • Environmental damage is an important cause of public health issues. We support innovation and research to reduce damage and consequently the cost of public health.

  • Focus on green and renewable energy production, using new technologies and optimizing efficiency, transforming our energy consumption.

III. For society

  • Right decisions must be taken to ensure a technological advancement and a painless transition to a new era.

  • Respect for and appreciation of the work of others, as well as customer care, passion in their work, the safeguard of the individual and the environment, are the basis for creating a better European society.

  • Everyone has the right to work in a safe and healthy workplace. Ecomate promotes business management attentive to these topics.

  • Control over large-scale consumer products and everything that has or can have a negative impact on public health, safety and the environment is paramount. A scrupulous method is a guarantee of a quality product.

  • Education and promotion of a healthy lifestyle, providing them with more intelligent purchasing choices from sustainable companies only, as transparency and well being are undeniable rights for all.