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An ever evolving platform

Q4 2016

Business idea phase

While the project is still defining its business model, Ecomate gets awarded with 1st Place in the Italian national prize of Climate Launchpad.

Q2 2017

1st Private Beta Batch

TIM (Italian Telecom) incubates Ecomate for supporting their development stage of the MVP and launching a closed beta test on 50 early adopters.

Q1 2018

Ambiente Italia joins Ecomate

The crowdsourcing strategy is becoming reality, as one of the largest Italian environmental consultancy firm in Italy decides to support Ecomate.
Other corporate partners are joining too.

Q2 2018

Not only Italy

In the meantime Ecomate gets invited and nominated to several European fairs, competitions and events like TNW (The Next Web) ad Amsterdam, WEBIT in Sofia, Bulgaria, Pirate Summit in Germany and other notable venues.

Q4 2018

2nd Private Beta Batch

Ecomate will launch a second testing batch, this time guided by 2 important professional SME associations: CDO (Compagnia delle Opere) and Phoresta NGO. These organizations will provide a database of over 5.000 SME, in order to prepare a product in line with the market requirements.

Q1 2019

Go Live!

Ecomate will be available for the entire Italian market. In the meantime Ecomate will start working on vertical solutions and enterprise SAAS for corporate clients, settings its grounds for the GPP (Green Public Procurement) compliance and exploring the B2G segment.

Q2 2019

Consultant marketplace

SME will be able to connect directly with consultants in their city, selected by a sustainability HR algorithm that will rank users according to their conveniency and ability of finding smart and low cost growth solutions tailormade for SME.

Q1 2020

Product marketplace

A new agorithm for scoring products sustainability sets the ground for a B2B marketplace, where producers can connect directly with wholesellers from all around Europe.