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Security and Transparency

The architecture and infrastructure of our platform have been designed in order to offer users high standards of protection of their data, but at the same time programmed to be fast, scalable and flexible. Using the best cloud technologies.


Servers located in the European Union and GDPR compliant;
  • Balancer with Linux Nginx dynamic server instances;
  • MySQL engine with automatic daily backups;
  • Mirroring system to ensure continuity to the system;
  • Automatic monitoring of infrastructure and loads on API;
  • Network security protocols (SSL OV, DNSSEC, DMARC);
  • 256 Bit encryption and warranty up to € 250,000
  • Machine Learning instance for data analysis.

Google Cloud Platform
IaaS that uses a multi-layered, end-to-end, purpose-built security model. All servers are future-proof and regularly undergo independent third-party audits.


The IT system is born with the best modern technologies without the use of frameworks to ensure maximum execution speed and to keep the sources lean and argued.
  • Front-end code with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript
  • High performance optimized backend code
  • Oracle and ORM world database
The code uses dedicated algorithms with highly confidential internal protocols with active encryption systems and private network setup dedicated to the most delicate processes.

The post login system supports 2FA authentication, transactional emails, data verification, fraud detection systems and a proprietary management system for data monitoring and for the creation of vertical rating systems by defining the term RaaS (Rating as a Service). All systems communicate with a central API that sorts requests and assembles data from different sources and internal batch analysis procedures. An artificial intelligence of ML (Machine Learning) analyzes the data in possession.

Third Party Services

Code deposit, versioning and ticketing

Management of transactional emails

Payment gateway

Open-source illustrations enhancing UI UX.

Open-source icon library

High productivity IDE code management