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Why trust us

The power of decentralization

Science meets crowdsourcing

The algorithm that runs Ecomate is the core of our project. We have decided to take a crowdsourcing approach which guarantees a transparent and neutral result (see Wikipedia).
Every day the algorithm evolves, implementing new research and adapting across the need of different industry fields.
Since its first draft, 4 corporate partners and more than 50 experts have volunteered and contributed to the algorithm development, generating over 5.000 working hours.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Answer around 150 questions spread among 10 different sections of the assessment in the order that you prefer and submit each module to immediately review your results. A comprehensive report on how to improve is automatically generated every time a module is completed. Your final Sustainability Rating ® score is the weighted average of all modules.

A) At the moment we are running random digital checkings: users may be asked to scan/photograph and upload a proof of their claims at any time.

B) We have developed a fraud detection system that automatically alerts us when there are mismatching or very improbable answers in an assessment.

C) If your doctor asked you to go and do a blood test, would you falsify the papers to bring him back good results? How can then the doctor help you? If you are a small company looking for help in innovating its business, would you lie to get a small immediate advantage, while damaging your business in the mid-long term? Why are you even here?

D) Reviews and feedbacks do happen, and they now play an important role in business. Incidents regarding false declarations and lack of transparency have never been an issue and have always been treated as a minority. The point is: would you take the chance of making a false claim on your company or on a product you are selling, risking the permanent ban of your account? Would you ruin your reputation and brand name? Would you lose hundreds of potential customers just for cheating once?

The Sustainability Rating ® score always carries the calendar month+year in which it was taken. Remember that during a comparison between two companies with the same Sustainability Rating ® result, the one with the most recent date is considered to be performing better.

In order to allow companies to implement the improvements suggested by our report, it is possible to update your answers of your assessment every 3 months.

  • 0 - 20 = Minimum law requirements. Company is at risk.*
  • 20 - 40 = Approaching sustainability standards. Light implementations.
  • 40 - 60 = Mild implementations in all areas of sustainability.
  • 60 - 80 = Innovative mindset. The door to new opportunities is now open!
  • 80 - 100 = In line with EU objectives. A company who envisions the future!

* A low score does not imply that your company is damaging the environment or breaking the law, but rather that you have not yet implemented any practices to support the main sustainability pillars. In fact, any score higher than 0 is actually considered a positive result, as it indicates that your company is actively trying to make changes.

Why your score may change over time

Our scoring system is based on a dynamic algorithm that provides your company with always up-to-date information, in line with new scientific and technical researches or with the European frameworks. Our scientific committee is always at work to integrate new laws and sustainable practices; when these new things are implemented in the assessment, it is your duty to answer to the new questions and keep your company status up to date. Unanswered questions will negatively influence the final score.